Photos- At PAMA your photos are your business card.  Without quality photos PAMA cannot represent you. We will accept photos from any source provided  a) The photos are reasonably high quality; b) They represent how you currently look (i.e. they’re not over PhotoShopped or out of date); c) We have permission to use the photos on our website.  Don’t pay $500+ for a photo shoot! PAMA offers a high quality photography service at a low price to enable our talents to keep their portfolios current without going bankrupt.

Training- People will pay hundreds even thousands of dollars for dance and piano lessons but somehow have the impression that they can be a model or actor with little or no investment or preparation. PAMA offers workshops that prepare students for entry into the modeling and acting worlds. For example, there’s an art to runway modeling.  Models should know specific turns in order to showcase clothes properly.  People are not born with this knowledge, nor or they born walking like a model.   A talent agency is only as good as the talent represented. PAMA strives to acquire the best talent...the most professional individuals...on and off-stage. Clients expect professionals when they book talents for jobs. To be competitive you must be knowledgeable and prepared. If you are already prepared, PAMA will gladly accept you into the agency by audition...of course at no charge.

Web Page/Site- Although PAMA does not currently charge for talent web-site portfolio design and maintenance, many agencies will charge for this service.  The talent should not pay more than a nominal/reasonable fee for this service. Be aware of monthly website charges because your info should not change frequently enough to warrant recurring fees.

Comp Card Development- Comp Cards are only required for markets external to PAMA- A one-time setup fee of $75 is required for comp card development and submittal to a local printing company.


Representation- If you’re asked to pay to be represented, run!

Auditions or Appointments- Another red flag is being asked to pay for an audition or appointment. Often, traveling “scouts,” “agents,” “casting directors” and “talent searches” (some even claiming to be Christian-based) will request fees for an audition or just to be seen.  Run from these scams...fast! Good agents are found in stable businesses with brick and mortar...not in Cyberspace...and not at the Marriott.

Continuous Training- Training should be like school...with a beginning and an end. Training that takes multiple years to complete or never ends should raise a red flag! When searching for training, compare prices...don’t pay $1,995 for less than what you can get at PAMA for $400.