Once accepted into our agency, you will be part of the PAMA family and as such will be treated like family.

Safety- PAMA pledges to protect you and your children. PAMA will use only first names on our website to ensure that predators, identity thieves, and others who would do harm do not have easy access to you or your family.

Ethics & Morality- PAMA will never ask you to do anything outside of your personal beliefs or ethical standards, nor will PAMA put you in contact with strangers or persons with questionable ethical or moral standards. PAMA has a zero tolerance pornography policy. PAMA does not subscribe to the “some nudity is art” philosophy that some other agencies and photographers subscribe to. PAMA will attempt to place and book our talents only with known reputable businesses and organizations with similar ethical and moral standards.

Self Image- PAMA pledges to operate in a manner that promotes a positive self image. PAMA will emphasize the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits, but PAMA will never recommend dangerous diets or extreme exercise regimens to get a model to their “ideal weight.”  Modeling is not about weight, it’s about proportions. Unlike other regions, Huntsville is a highly commercial market where height and weight are not significant factors in getting work.

Work- PAMA pledges to make every attempt possible to get you work. Over the last ten years, payments to our talents for acting in commercials and other videos, posing for print work in newspapers, magazines, and billboards etc., have accounted for over 40% of our expenditures, higher than rent, utilities, and profit combined!

Fun- PAMA pledges to make our workshops, photo shoots, and fashion shows safe and fun experiences.  If you are not having fun, we’re doing something wrong!